The Anti Racism & Diversity Program is Here!

Are you ready to become a better ally? 

This 6 week program is for you if you understand that you have societal privileges, but feel like you don't have enough language, tools or knowledge to help make effective change.
If you’re reading this page, then congratulations - you've taken the first step to becoming an Intentional Ally.
It’s time to stop tiptoeing around the tough talks about race.

Look I get it. It's uncomfortable. 

It’s also necessary. While we have made progress in some areas, there is still a lot that needs to be done if we are to dismantle 400 years of oppressive systems.

The magnitude of it all may have you feeling frozen, stuck, and overwhelmed, and fear may keep you from taking action to do the necessary anti-racism work.

Fear of

'Getting it wrong'
Not knowing enough
Saying the wrong thing
Being judged by those not doing anti-racism work
Causing offense

Here's the thing though. These same fears lead to inaction, and inaction leads to complicity. Complicity causes both seen and unseen harms.

What if you were able to have the support and learn the tools to navigate all this in a non judgmental way from the comfort of your home?
The Intentional Ally Program will help you navigate uncomfortable conversations and situations around race, white privilege, and systemic racism, while giving you the tools, knowledge and language to effect change and become a more intentional ally.
The goal of this program is not to make you feel bad, blame, shame or attack you.
HOWEVER, some may feel triggered during or after this program. 

This is normal. 

These are tough, but necessary conversations.
The goal of this program is to get you to think critically, and disrupt your current thought process about how to talk about race and what it means to be an Intentional Ally and anti-racist.

Be sure to watch the latest testimonials at the end to see what recent participants had to say.

White allies were an important part of the civil rights movement and still are today.

Know the power of your privilege and wield it for good.
This work requires you to:

 ☑ Be Courageous. This work WILL challenge you.
 ☑ Be Committed. You must want to lead by example and be actively anti-racist.
 ☑ Be the change you want to see in this world.
 ☑ Put your money where your heart/mouth is!
 ☑ De-center yourself and let go of ego.
 ☑ Turn your fear into action by consistently engaging in this work.
You'll Learn:
  • How to talk about race and racism
  • To understand systemic racism and the institutional racist policies that have disenfranchised Black Americans 
  • To recognize the concept of 'White Privilege' and critically discuss 'whiteness'. 
  • ​Learn the difference between white supremacists (Proud Boys/KKK) and systemic white supremacy. 
  • ​The difference between talking about race/racism and participating in racist acts.
  • The foundational history of the United States and the benefits that white people have received due to white supremacy, colonization, and black oppression and how to share it with others. 
  • To recognize covert & overt racism, including micro aggressions
  • ​The power of your privilege: Advocacy, self awareness and how to use your privilege to effect positive change
  • ​To be better equipped to confront injustice when you see it in your relationships, your social circles and the workplace.


  • Uncomfortable Conversations Class - Feel empowered and confident with the right knowledge, language, and education to tackle uncomfortable conversations with people you love. 
  • Extended Books and Movie Resource List - A list of 80 books, movies, and documentaries (one per week), focusing on race, and racial and social justice.  

Total Program & Bonus Value: $997

The Intentional Ally 6 Week Anti-Racism Course: $397


*This special program price is being offered for a limited time for the Intentional Ally program. This is the last chance to get in at a discounted rate before the next price increase. Future enrolment at this price point is not guaranteed.
It's time to stop feeling helpless and empower yourself with the language, tools and knowledge to become an Intentional Ally.

Those who want to explore anti-racism education

Those who recognize their privilege and want to use it to actively affect change

Those who want to feel equipped to safely stand up against racism

Those who no longer want to be a complicit bystander

Those who have the courage to face their ancestor's legacy and rather than feel ashamed, guilty or embarrassed, can harness this knowledge for anti-racist action 
What's Included in the Program?
  •  8 Recorded sessions with Cathy 
  • ​A worksheets to keep your notes and insights on the program
  • ​A private Facebook Group to interact with other participants in the program
  • ​Easy to implement action items so that you can put anti racist techniques into practice on a daily basis
  • ​Audio & VideoTrainings
  • ​Tips, tools, inspiration and resources to continue your anti-racism learning after the program.
    Program Facilitator

    Cathy Harris

    C. Harris Companies, Inc.
    Cultivating People Connections

    “To improve the quality of your relationships, improve your communication – beginning with your ability to listen with empathy” ~Cathy Harris
    Cathy Harris joins Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy & Stephen Covey and others in the book, 
    Cathy Harris is founder and president of C. Harris Companies, Inc., an organizational and staff development firm based in New Orleans.

    The company has earned a well-deserved reputation for understanding the ever-changing workplace environment and developing impactful remedies. Cathy and her team encompass a broad range of expertise including leadership development, diversity and inclusion, transformational change, communication and dialogue skills, team building and conflict resolution. In this evolving labor market she recognizes that for businesses and organizations to sustain employee productivity and financial profitability, being proactive concerning workplace issues, as opposed to reactionary, is imperative.

    A veteran business and diversity consultant with more than 27 years of experience, Cathy is known for her ability to move people beyond their personal biases and assumptions towards respectful relationships. Often cited as an outstanding businesswoman, Cathy is also beloved for her generous spirit, which is evidenced by her community service projects and civic engagement.

    Previous clients include Chevron, USDA (multiple agencies), Internal Revenue Service, LSU, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Tulane University, Louisiana State Bar Association among many others. You may find a partial client list here

    The third cohort of the Intentional Ally Six-Week course will return in Spring 2022. 


    Here are a few answers to questions you may have for your convenience about the program:
    I'm going away for the holidays, should I wait to enroll?
    1) Taking time off for the holidays? No problem! The sessions will all be recorded. We understand that the holidays can be a time fraught with uncomfortable conversations with those we love, so we recommend enrolling so that you have the language and tools needed to navigate those encounters.

    How long will I have access to the program?
    2) You will have 12 months access to all materials from the date of enrolment. Each week's program can be done at your own pace (so you can start and end when you want ANYTIME after August 30th, 2022). 

    How much time will this take up?
    3) Outside of the sessions we recommend 1-2 hours per week dedicated to ongoing reading and learning, but as you will have access to course materials for 12 months, you can go at your own pace.

    What happens after I pay for the course?
    4) After you pay for the course, you will receive a welcome email within 48 hours with pre-course materials and a questionnaire. You will have access to the private Facebook group on upon enrolment.
    Got more Questions before joining?
    For corporate or group trainings, or general enquiries,
    Email any questions you have to Cathy at
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